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Aug. 26th, 2004 @ 10:06 am Welcome
Hi there everyone,

I went looking, and saw some TFC communities, but nothing devoted strictly to QWTF. Frankly, I consider QWTF the best mod every created for any game. Better than TFC, better than Counterstrike, even better than its predecessor, Threewave CTF. No game since has been able to capture the same level of style that QWTF had. Yes, it got corrupted, and at times people made it unpleasant, but the same has happened to every mod.

My background: I started playing Quake when it was first released my freshman year in college. At the time, we had no access to outside the campus firewall, so those of us on campus who played Quake had to play in the computer lab against each other. We had a blast, eight to ten people all together in one room, shouting at each other and gibbing each other. Then, CTF was released, and we started playing that. My friend, Tx, edited some of the code and made what we called "Runewar". It was basically Deathmatch, only we had the CTF runes and the grapple hook.

Eventually, the campus dorms became hooked up, and we found other students on campus who wanted to play against those of us who used the lab. We formed our own clan, called the Golden Knightmares (a play on the college mascot), but that died quickly. Eventually, we just used the college's initials, CU (Clarkson University). Then, someone suggested a play on words, and we became CUiH, or C U in Hell. At the same time, the college finally dropped the firewall, and we gained access to the outside. Even bigger, TeamFortress was released, and we went from a CTF clan to a TF clan overnight. We started setting up matches, and we'd host them on a server we'd run in the computer lab. Because we were lanned, and all in the same room, we had quite an advantage, and never lost a match. We even beat UVM before they became a big name clan. I used to have the screenshot, but that got lost with the clan's old webpage.

As is often the case, some CUiH members tired of the game, and stopped showing up for matches. I snapped, and decided to disband the clan (being the leader and the only remaining founder). But I didn't quit the QWTF scene. Instead, I made my way to Marauder (.M), where I played TF with my old CUiH teammates, DJSatane (who now plays MoH, CoD, and UT2k4, and Cocktone (who also plays UT@k4 atm). I was Fenris.M, and I played QWTF with Marauder until the day I graduated in December of 1998.

Since then, I have continued to jump back into QWTF from time to time, finding that there are a few servers still up, mostly in Australia. I think this game needs a comeback. Fuck the kiddies and their realism mods for games with beautiful graphics but no spirit. Every time I see someone making a TF mod for the latest game (be it Quake 3, Doom 3 or Half-life), they always do the exact same thing... they have the exact same classes, the exact same maps, just for a new game engine. Let's face it, they know the truth... the truth is they are shadows of the one true game. They only hope to recreate a tiny bit of QWTF's glory. It may not have had beautiful lighting, or dazzling graphics, but Quakeworld TeamFortress still leads the pack, and all others look to copy what it was.

Let's bring it back.
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Date:December 12th, 2004 04:26 am (UTC)
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Hell yah.

Played QWTF '97-'02 or so. need to bring it back, because no other fps game out there is anywhere near QWTF.
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Date:December 14th, 2004 02:17 pm (UTC)
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Totally. Some of my coworkers have been talking about having gaming nights after work hours on Wednesdays. Mainly console games like Mario Kart, but they also want to try some FPSing. I suggested Quake, because:

A. It doesn't require everyone have the CD to play.
B. It can run on even the slowest machines here.
C. IT's fucking QUAKE, man. You can't compete with that.

They want to playing Quake 3! WTF is wrong with people? Bah!