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Sep. 1st, 2004 @ 11:32 am Maps and files
Alright, I know that currently I am the only member of this community, which is kinda pathetic, but I'm advertising it around, so I'm hoping it will pick up some eventually.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about the maps of the game. Let's be honest, some of the maps from TF are so classic, that they have duplicated time and again. 2Forts is clearly the winner of most often duplicated. It's just such a simple yet fun idea. Two bases (or forts) located exactly opposite from each other. Each base has a roost for snipers, two or more entrances (generally a front entrance and some secret entrance for people to sneak through), a main room (commonly referred to as the RR or ramp room, mainly because of the original ramp room from 2fort) and then a basement or attic area where the map is located. Both teams have equal footing, because the map is perfectly symmetrical.

Well6, 32smooth, bam4 and Rock have also seemed like a group to me. Well6 and 32smooth especially. I don't know what it is about them, but they had similarities to them that made it impossible for me to think of one without thinking of the other.

My favorite maps were the weird ones, of course. Border was brilliant. Such a simple premise, yet I remember playing on servers with about 16 or more people on them, and little Messicans clambering into that death trap van, some fighting over positions on the wall to jump on board the top, others helping each other over the wall in hopes that they can evade detection and make it to the tunnel. It kinda reminded me of this map I played once called Revenge of the Meek or something, where it was two heavyweps on one team, and the other team consisted of nothing but little guys with axes. The little guys had to run along this thin plank across lava and make it to the other side, while the heavyweps stood at the other end and tried to keep them from making it. There was a secret set of caves along the wall that you could use as a secret route, but they'd watch that too. It became this thing of basically charging the heavyweps and trying to foil them with sheer numbers.

Hunted was another one of those fun and different levels. It was another simple premise... one guy must run along a path and try to make it to the other side, while his squadron of bodyguards look for the assassins in the hills, or take the bullet for him. The prez had to make it to Stonehenge, which is a little weird, and then ride the little lift all the way to the top to score. Even Counterstrike borrowed this idea, and made some maps devoted to "protecting the VIP'. It's a great idea, and hunted was the first map to use it. I liked being on both ends of the fight. It was fun being a sniper, trying to kill the president while being chased by guys with rockets, but it was also fun hunting down and blasting assassins. I remember all the crazy little hidey holes with one-way windows that people could snipe from. Pushing assassins into the slime was always good for a laugh.

Oh, and another thing I wanted to mention is that I'm gathering up files and possibly will gather up maps, and put them up for everyone to download and use. I'll post a link to their location when I get done with that. It will include zips of the necessary files for TF, maps for TF, maybe a demo or two (like the extreme TF demo, if you haven't watched that, you're missing out), and other things like CTF files, and maybe even the Quake files. So stay tuned for that.
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