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Quakeworld TeamFortress Fanatics

For anyone who loved QWTF

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TeamFortress, the greatest mod ever coded for id Software's Quake, was created from the basics of Capture The Flag. Two teams fight offensively and defensively to steal their opponent's flag, while, at the same time, defending their own. Each player may pick a "class" to play as, and each class has specialized weapons and abilities. The classes consist of the following:

1. Scout - The fastest class is also the weakest. Scouts can scan for enemies, but their most common use is to grab the flag and get it as far along the level as possible.
2. Sniper - The ultimate defender. Snipers rifles can kill a player with one shot. It was not uncommon for games to come down to full-out sniper wars. They can also fire flares to light up dark areas.
3. Soldier - The most common class. Soldiers can be either offensive or defensive, and they excel at both. Offensively, a soldier can clear a crowded room, while defensively, they can hold off an entire army. The soldier's nail grenade is one of the most devastating in the game, especially in close quarters.
4. Demoman - Able to switch between lobbing regular grenades, and "pipe bombs" which he can control the detonation of, demomen are best as defenders, but can go offensive with the best of them. A flag room floor decorated with pipe bombs is deadly. The 7-in-1 cluster grenade is deadlier.
5. Medic - Somebody has to heal all those wounds! The medic's axe can cure his teammates, or poison his enemies. Almost all good teams had at least one medic aboard, to cure the concussions caused by scouts, or to heal a seriously injured defender. Also, a medic's super nail gun can rip through the weaker classes.
6. Heavywep - Defense, definitely defense. Slow as an ox, but also as sturdy, the heavywep's chaingun will cut a player in half. It's too bad he can't move while he's using it. Trying to play offensively with a heavywep is like trying to drive a tank through a mine field.
7. Pyro - The pyro is like a more specialized form of the soldier. He can fire rockets, but cannot use them to "rocket jump". His flamethrower can set hoardes of enemies on fire, and his napalm grenade can keep even the sturdiest players at bay. Not especially resilient, he makes up for it by having no reload time, meaning he can cause a lot of damage fast.
8. Spy - Bond, James bond. The spy is quite possibly the oddest class to play. As is, he is nothing, but spies can alter their appearance to look like a member of the other team, and they can look like any class. His greatest weapon is his knife, but it only works when stabbing someone in the back, and his tranquilizer darts can slow a person down, but it'd take a lot to kill someone with. Spies can even feign death, appearing as just a corpse. Helpful in getting out of sticky situations.
9. Engineer - The builder class. Engineers and their spanners can build anything from an ammunition unit to a sentry gun that will hold off dozens of enemies at a time. They can also repair the armor of teammates. Their weapons aren't especially powerful, but a single EMP grenade from an engineer can kill a room full of soldiers.
10. Random - The random class makes you any of the above listed classes, each time you die. One moment you may be a soldier, the next, you may be a medic.
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